Building teams

We at Red Akita concentrate on building powerful and self sufficient teams. This is done by setting up education plans and personal goals for each member. 


We do what we love and we also happens to be quite good at it. Everything is about the code. There´s no Point in building good teams and a good requirement pipeline if it doesn´t end up in quality code that does what the user expect.

Research & development

We´re always looking into the newest technology. Most often we don´t bother but when we feel that it´s something that can have a true impact of the future, we´re all in. Blockchain and smart contract development is certainly in this space.

Need developers?

if you have need for developers with skills like C++, Javascript, React, Angular, C#, Webassembly, Scilla (Zilliqa), Solidity, EOS, Ethereum. The list is too long to put in text. Send a mail to and let´s see if we can help you out in some way.

Want to know more?

Send a mail to